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Elderly Chinese have traditionally lived with and been taken care of by their children. But China's population is ageing rapidly. Within 40 ears, there will be 500 million 60-plus seniors -one third of the population.  

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Over two years ago, the air-quality monitoring device of the US Embassy in Beijing recorded alarming data. The Air Quality Index had crept above 500, the top of the scale. One Saturday in January 2013, the reading showed 755. 

China's organic agriculture is based on traditional sustainable farming practices, which started thousands of years ago. In China, records of sustainable farming dating back 4,000 years, mention several organic practices including crop rotation, composting and diversified production.

Beijing farmer, Therese Rose, stands with passion for this concept, but struggled when she started her farm 12 years ago, with the organic food movement still in its infant stage. Old colleagues started avoiding her, thought the former diplomat had gone crazy when she gave up her well-paid job to be a farmer and tried to uphold natural standards. Despite all that, she says giving up was never an option.

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Yao Qizhong sells ginger and garlic at a market in Beijing while writing his diary. Like many rural people of his generation, he didn’t finish primary school because his family lacked the resources. When a journalist picked up on the migrant worker who had already written 200.000 characters about his childhood and family life, Yao became a local celebrity.

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